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What is Debt Settlement? How It Works? 

A Debt Settlement Program will; evaluate your financial situation, develop a monthly payment amount that fits into your budget and, conduct the negotiations necessary with the Creditors, to have the amount accepted.

   De1st image on a pagebt Settlement  is an alternative to Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation.

   Debt Settlement is not dependent on your Credit Score!

   Debt Settlement is not based on the value of any assets that you own.

Debt Settlement does not affect your spouse, unless the Unsecured Debt is in both names. You are not required to submit all of your Unsecured Debt to the program.

A complete Program Analysis will be done when you speak to one of our Financial Advisor’s and in less than 20 minutes, we will provide you with the complete details of a fully Customized Solution to your situation!

Take the time to contact us;                               

The results could change your life !

 Debt Settlement is not for everyone.  You must meet the criteria of the program to qualify.

There are two major criteria.

1) The total debt amount must exceed $10,000.00. 

2) We must be able to show the creditors, that you can meet the new monthly payment amount. The payment period is determined by the amount of the debt and your ability to pay.  The payment period cannot be less than 24 months and cannot exceed 60 months. 

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